Gay & Married in New York!
I am excited about being able to design and cater more gay weddings, right here in New York!  At Canard, we have already established ourselves as a leader in commitment ceremony celebrations, anniversaries and other social celebrations for the gay population.  I know that this community expects a high level of creativity, quality and sophistication.  And I know that gay couples will want some traditions represented in their celebrations, but will be eager to explore innovative settings/menus to reflect their lifestyle and personalities.  I am looking forward to surpassing their expectations yet again with same-sex wedding receptions!

At Canard, we wanted to get the word out that we have over 20 years of experience, yet we are front-and-center in fresh new approaches for traditional to cutting-edge weddings, so we recently sent a couple of our servers to Fire Island to greet the ferries and hand out a cute madlib — with our contact info of course! (photo, left).

In addition, we handed out bottles of water (and the madlib) to couples waiting in line (photo, above right) on the first day that gay marriage was allowed. A special congratulations to all the new couples who married that historic day!


Behind the Scenes in Times Square
For the last couple years, Canard has been serving dinner to the stars who are performing in Times Square for New Year’s Eve.  I sneaked out at midnight to be a part of the countdown.  I would love to re-create this décor some day, complete with confetti, for a private New Year’s Eve party!